On the topic of ‘the little things’

Last weekend we crossed the Nullarbor Plain, starting at Streaky Bay and three days and fifteen hours of driving later ending up in Esperance in WA. I was really excited for the journey, even though I’d heard from many people that it was hard slog, mainly because the trip is mind numbingingly dull. 

Hmmm….lots of road ahead
Ooh, a curve in the road, how interesting!
Two hours later
Haven’t we already done this about seven times??

However amidst the monotony there were also moments of beauty. 

The limestone cliffs of the Nullarbor Plain overlooking the Great Australian Bight really are a sight to behold. 

I loved looking at the sky as it stretched out as far as the eye could see. And the stars at night were equally as magical. 

We saw two wedge tailed eagles at different points along the road feasting on road kill – they were amazing to look at on the ground, such huge beasts!

Just to further enhance the whole experience, you can’t take any fruit or veg into WA, so are left with the ‘back to primary school lunch’ meal options and $4 roadhouse chocolate bars. 

Baked beans for dinner and then a night in the swag. Can’t go wrong!
Haven’t had one of these since about 1994.

So it has definitely been unique where you really have to appreciate the simplicity of the experience to enjoy it. You travel through two different time zones during the trip (randomly you go back in time 45minutes first before going into Perth time), and with daylight savings ending in South Australia, we woke up having no idea what the time actually was here, in SA or Melbourne and remained confused for the next three hours. 

The biggest adjustment we realized was that with it getting dark at around 6pm we are going to have to get organized with dinner earlier and will have to be doing things in the dark more often. So the torches will finally be getting some use! In addition to that, we were woken by the sun at 6am. Admittedly we were still on Eastern Standard Time so we weren’t bothered by it but hopefully our body clocks go back to a 7:30am wake up call. I’ve enjoyed waking up at 7:30am and being able to watch the sun rise!

To amuse ourselves along the way we unleashed our creative spirit and spent some time making a song of our observations and feelings along the way! I’m sure we’ll get record deals in no time with our amazing lyrical skills! Some of it makes no sense – for example there is no farm, but as it was a joint venture there needed to be some compromise on creative license!! 

The Nullabor

There’s a hidden farm across the Nullarbor Plain, With veggies and chickens and a treat of a special strain, We set out in search of it, but of course – the dull, dreary drive has erased all of our thoughts

Our last stop before our big haul, as we prepare for our trip across the great Nullabor. The villa was cute, the shower was beaut, us campers aren’t used to dinner in a suit

We’ve got our audio books, our song list and games, this hasn’t been done – the opportunity finally came! The car’s packed, the trailer’s attached; We’ve paid for the fuel, let’s get going, Esperance has a pool!
-The Nullabor, The Nullabor-

So we got started, energy was high. That morning we had snacks and yummy things to try. David Bowie was on the 8-track, this is driving in the outback.

Listening to podcasts of other people’s stories. It’s fun and lighthearted, but also sometimes gory. Clouds appearing over the land, what a bummer, this isn’t what we planned. Some of this road has been straight as an arrow; Holy shot, we just hit a sparrow!


The Nullarbor, The Nullabor – driving you is such a bore. What’s is that over the riiiiise? Nothin’

Acknowledging the passers by, with a ‘live long and prosper’ sign, the most excitement is the curve in the road, it seems we have gotten somewhere – but no. There is nothing much we can do but write this song, such is the nature of this drive. It is long.

Out of sheer boredom rises the novelty trees – bras, teacups and undies for all to see. Kangaroo carcass on the side of the road, wedge tailed eagle in buffet mode. Fly’s annoying with its buzz in the back, I take off a thong and give it a thwack.

It was such an incredible sight, the Great Australian Bight. We’re wearing three day old clothes that are a bit on the nose. Finally we’ve arrived, huzzah we survived. The Nullarbor is an interesting journey. Would we do it again? No.


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